A Florida police department recently faced backlash on social media after asking for the community’s help in identifying a man who stole diapers and baby wipes from a Walmart after two of his credit cards were declined.

Many commenters said that they would have gladly bought the man’s baby supplies.

I think many of us would.

My late husband Howard and I were behind a mom with a baby and a toddler in line at Walmart one time. Her card was declined, but she asked the employee to run it–this was before the bevy of self checkouts. The employee was being patient with her as the card was declined time and time again, but the people behind us in line weren’t so patient.

So, my wonderful husband stepped up and handed his cc to the employee and said, “use this.”

The employee said, “but it’s over hundred dollars.”

My husband said it didn’t matter, run the card. The mom had diapers, wipes and food in her cart.

I was so proud of Howard. He was such a good man, and I know there are so many like him.