Two MORE protests today for the kids—one at school (during school!!) and the other in downtown Raleigh after school.

I think having high school students leave the classroom is hardly a “protest.” How about a protest where they have some skin in the game, like at 8 a.m. on Saturday? Skipping school and having news media fawn over you, everyone cheering you on, is hardly a protest. My sister protested the Vietnam War–I was too young–and those were protests, difficult and violent, quite unlike today where protesting is some sort of activity of self-indulgence.

I grew up in a place where the guys and some gals brought their guns to school so they could go hunting after class. They left them in their trucks on campus and no one thought anything of it. I don’t think it’s a gun issue alone, I think it’s a multi-faceted issue and when we spend the entire time talking about guns, the other factors get zero attention and the issue will never resolve. We’re not going to solve this by banning guns.

We’re going to solve this by starting at home. Who is the kid who laughed at my kid yesterday? Who is the kid that stole part of my kid’s lunch in the hallway? (I mean, really…smh.) Maybe we ought to have heart to heart conversations with our kids about their behaviors in school and elsewhere. Maybe we ought to start looking at heart issues. Maybe we need to start teaching compassion.

As a gun owner married to a competition shooter and hunter, I know that guns have zero power on their own. They cannot load themselves and shoot. Only a person can do that. And, the heart of the person is the key to any behavior, as all behavior comes from the heart. When you kill a deer for organic, natural meat, you are feeding your family and providing a service in animal control as designated by the government. When you kill a human without the reason of self defense or public safety, you are acting out of hatred and fear and loathing. A black heart will find a way.

Look at London, they are now banning knives because there have been so many knife killings. It’s not a gun issue. It’s not a knife issue. It’s a heart issue…and it’s a multi-faceted issue regarding mental health, lack of gun safety training, lack of compassion training, et. al., and, lack of God.