Another way the media slant the news is to spend more time on a less important story that supports the narrative, and bury a hot-button story that goes against it.

I was speaking with a Democrat-voting Independent who assured me that Texas Governor Greg Abbott told residents, “You’re on your own,” or something to that effect. He didn’t! The elected official who posted some pretty awful rantings, was Mayor Tim Boyd of Colorado City, Texas, a town the size of my subdivision (about 3,000 residents). He has since resigned.

Mayor Boyd is an idiot. (Sorry, but true.) His online rantings were beyond what one would consider a ‘poor choice’. I’m glad he resigned. But, why was he given so much media attention, given his small stature in government as a whole, as mayor of a small speck of town? I’m not lambasting small towns, I live in one…well, my town is 20 times the size of Colorado City. These are how things are measured, though. The mayor of New York City is more important than my (beloved by many, including me) Mayor Gilbert of Apex, North Carolina. That’s the way it works. Bigger citizenry, bigger chief.

But, back to my argument. A small fry mayor gets major media attention because he’s a Republican mayor in a red state and he said some really outlandish things. Because of the intense media attention, the news audience surmises he must be an important figure. They wouldn’t give headline after headline to just anyone, after all. No wonder she thought it was the Governor.

The same slanting can be done with time spent on a story. Take the recent dealings of Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The headline reads: “Ted Cruz’s Cancun trip focus of CNN, MSNBC primetime, not Cuomo nursing home scandal.”

The networks spent 46 minutes on Ted Cruz and family and their trip to Cancun amidst the weather disaster happening in Texas. They spent only a handful of minutes on New York Governor Cuomo’s nursing home scandal. That’s the one where he intentionally moved Covid-positive patients back into nursing homes, infecting residents and causing deaths, and then low-balled the number of actual deaths reported by about 50 percent.

So, one took a trip, and the other set up a system that killed people. 


The media, decidedly Leftist and Democrat, wants to protect their favorite blue state Democratic Governor (who won an Emmy for news briefings–smh), while highlighting a reviled red state Republican Senator.

Certainly, the optics for Cruz, who hails from the freezing, electricity-hampered, ice-smothered state of Texas, traveling to a tropical vacation destination look bad. Worse than bad, actually. Foolish. He’s not a freshman senator, he knows better! That was beyond reproach, and he knows it.

However, Governor Cuomo’s policies actually killed grandmas and grandpas. Then, he misled the public by reporting lower numbers out of fear of investigation. About 8,500 deaths were reported, but actually the figure may be 15,000 or higher.

Any thinking person has to admit that the Cuomo story is much more important than the Cruz story. Ask anyone whose family members died in a nursing home in New York.

“It was infuriating because not only did they [the media] protect Cuomo, but they encouraged him to promote himself,” [Fox News meteorologist Janice] Dean said of the lack of media coverage following the bombshell admission this week by a top Cuomo aide that the administration purposely withheld Covid data amid a Justice Department probe of nursing home fatalities in four states, including New York. Dean’s in-laws died last year due to contracting the coronavirus in a NY assisted living facility.

The bottom line is this: the stories that the news media highlights are the ones that promote a predetermined agenda, and are emphasized to alter public opinion. In other words: the media is manipulating you.