Let’s talk Christmas carols. These are curious questions for me. Pipe in with your own questions and/or answers!

1. “Scary ghost stories.” WHO is telling scary ghost stories at Christmas? Stephen King’s fam? Who?

2. Twelve Days of Christmas. Just what is going on here? Maids a milking? Lords a leaping? Who gifts like this?

3. “Evergreen” vs. “What Child Is This?” One of my favorite tunes, so I should be excited to be able to listen to it all year, but why? Are they two separate songs or just one?

4. “Packages on the tree.” Okay, my hubby has been known to put gift card envelopes on our tree, but why would you attach packages to the tree? Don’t they go underneath?

5. “Down the chimney down.” That’s a lot of downs. Is the chimney down another term for chimney? Does the second down refer to the first down? I’m confused.

6. “Circus clown.” The second verse to Parson Brown just totally weirds me out. Who are these people who dance around with a snowman they’re pretending is a circus clown?

7. And, from the same song, why is it, “Happy Holiday,” and not “Happy Holidays?” Doesn’t everyone say happy holidays?!