People ask why we can’t just keep staying home since it “seems to be working.”


IMO, we’re going to have an explosion of cases whenever we open up again, because the idea behind stay-at-home was never to eradicate the virus, but rather to flatten the curve so that hospitals are not overrun.

The reactions of states, regions and cities need to be tailored to their particular outbreak experiences. NYC is in a vastly different situation than say, Fargo North Dakota.

I can only speak to what I see in my home state of North Carolina.

In North Carolina, we currently (4/13/2020) have 313 patients in hospitals with COVID-19. We have 126 hospitals in the state. And, that’s good news! The amount of people currently hospitalized in NC with COVID19 remains less than 0.004% of NC’s population, which is at 10.5 million.

NC Hospitals are currently laying off medical professionals and cutting hours of working employees. It seems we’ve done a great job of flattening the curve. And, since that was the reason, then it’s time make a plan back to normal living.


Now, let’s SLOWLY open things back up so we don’t overwhelm the system, while having sick, immuno-compromised, and at-risk populations continue to stay home. We need to get people back to business, pumping money back into families and growing the economy.

But…why do people resist?

Well, I believe the problem is that people’s views of this disease are skewed by the media. The news media always focuses on the worst instances and most horrendous stories, which are usually outliers and not general occurrences. Yes, there is unimaginable tragedy, but there is vast more positive news than negative. Negative sells, positive doesn’t. Remember the old newspaper saying, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

Small business owners, and others who cannot work, have no income. That’s zero income. Despite what you’ve heard in the media and from various politicians on the Right and Left, many of them qualify neither for the loans or for unemployment. They teeter on bankruptcy. We must get them back to work as fast as possible.

There’s heartening news for anyone who worries about infection rates. A new study out of Germany indicated a 15% infection rate. Most models have used a 80-90% infection rate. That means, that the reality of transmission may be much, much less common than we’ve been led to believe. That’s great news!

We’ve done a good job, especially here in NC. We’ve shuttered ourselves at home, and taken the precautions. Now, it’s time to turn things around. It’s time to get back to work.