From my devotion this morning: “Should I face a mighty mountain or a valley dark and deep; The shepherd of my soul will be my guide.”

Grief feels like both. It’s a mountain to climb, and a trek through a dark valley.

Some moments I’m struggling to get up the path, hanging onto a jagged rock, sliding on shifting pebbles to take just one. more. step.

Other times I’m trudging through mud in a dense forest where the trees have blocked out all light and the trail disappears before me into blackness.

But, I press on because I’m not alone. My God is with me and He never leaves my side. He gently pushes me up the mountain I must climb. He takes my hand and leads me assuredly down a trail I cannot see.

Grief is weird. It’s not sobbing all the time like in the movies. There are tears that spring into laughter. There are tasks to be done, and meals to prepare. There are normal, average conversations that take place having absolutely nothing to do with my circumstance. God is present there, too.

The mountains and valleys don’t last. There are peaks and wide open plains. There is joy and sunlight.

All the while, my God is with me.

(Devotion: Femi Monehin, When God Speaks.)