BREAKING NEWS: On Sunday, a gunman killed two people during a morning worship service at a church in White Settlement before members of the congregation security team fatally shot him, authorities say.

I’m so sorry to learn that the second victim has died. This was a tragedy, and I know it totally sounds contrite, but it could have been worse.

The news was first reported yesterday (Sunday) that members of the congregation shot the gunman. It has since come to light that the Texas church shooting was averted due to trained security. You can definitely see the coordinated effort if you watch the video (elsewhere online).

Many churches where I live (in the Raleigh/Durham area) and across the country have concealed carrying security in the sanctuaries. They run drills and other training for this type of scenario. They keep us safe.

It’s totally sad that we live in a time where going to church can put us at risk. I walk confidently into my church, knowing that the security team (both seen and unseen) is working diligently to keep us and our pastors safe.