COVID-19. People are freaking out. People are hoarding like it’s the end of the world. The MSM is throwing gas on the fire. Politicians and others are stirring the fear pot for their own gain. Rumors are spreading like wildfire: we’ll have martial law; or, grocery stores will be shut down!

No, and no.

You see, I’m an optimist. I look to the good.

Like Mr. Rogers’ mom said, “Look for the helpers.”

And, so I do.

Those who work in the medical fields are giving it their all. First responders, including police, national guard, and others, are on call. The essential personnel are out and about. The medicine is being made, the medical supplies are being made, the food chain continues. Things are going very well despite the circumstances.

I see the number of people recovered increasing (nearly 100,000 worldwide today). That’s good news.

We just need to protect those who would die rather than recover from this. Anyone already immune-compromised or elderly needs to self quarantine because those are the ones most at risk.

The community I see coming together is astounding. People sharing what they have with each other. People greeting each other from a distance on the trails. Neighbor helping neighbor. The American spirit is alive and well in all of us!

We just need to hang in there a little longer and this will all be over. We’ll be back to grumbling about bad drivers and spellcheck. The stock market will rebound. The grocery stores will be full again. We’ll have parties and return to the gym. We’ll eat out in restaurants and attend shows. Events will go on as planned and we’ll give hugs.

Things will return to normal.

And, I hope we can take a lesson from this time: community matters. It’s precious and delightful, and we must remember to cherish it.