I love to laugh! We all do, right?

I think we need more laughter these days.

I read today that we have to be careful how and when we laugh so we don’t malign a group or person. Um, okay. I agree with that. There are ways that laughter can be used to hurt or destroy, and encourage hate.

But, let’s not fear laughter.

Laughter should be a spontaneous expression of mirth.

And, who doesn’t need more mirth, eh?

Yes, we can acknowledge that there are ‘horrible things’ in the world. Since time began, there has always been bad stuff going on. That means that it’s even more important to bring joy to others, to laugh, and to share humor.

We need to remember that there is more to living than fighting–even fighting for righteousness and justice. While those things are important, they are also conduits of anger and resentment, which can lead to frustration and depression. Anger festers and produces the opposite of what we may intend.

Humans are multidimensional creatures, and we need to express ALL of our emotions, not just some of them.

While ‘fighting the good fight’ is important, we need to be more than that as a people. We need to express our full ranges of emotions and feelings. It’s okay to put down the sword and shield for a while and relax, to enjoy each other’s company, to laugh together, watch a funny movie, or share a meal with family or friends. To have some fun.

When we’re all-encompassed by the darkness in the world in which we live, we invite that murk into our hearts and souls, which can harden us, and make us resentful. We’re not living our best life, and we’re not able to help others, if we’re so filled with anger (even justifiable outrage) that our lips forget how to curve upward.

The cure is to remember that we’re multi-faceted beings, with a range of emotions that we can be free to express.

If you seek joy and mirth, you’ll not only boost your own morale, but you can spread light and hope to others. Sure, you can still pick up that sword and shield at other times, but don’t let the battle overtake you.

Today, let’s laugh.