(Someone else wrote this, but I edited it, fyi.)

After losing all of my parents in the past few years before Covid (Shirley-mom, Schmidty-dad, and Dianne-stepmom), I can say with certainty that life is too short! Waaay too short!

Years from now, we will look back and see that we spent an entire year of our lives having our actions dictated to us by people we don’t know. We’ve worn masks, stayed cooped up in our houses & AVOIDED all the people we love. 😭 A year in our lives that we’ll never get back.

I am not saying this virus isn’t real, it IS!! I’m not saying that people haven’t been seriously affected and have died. They HAVE! If you’re at risk, take precautions! EVERYONE needs to stay home when they are sick! ALSO, if you’re in a high-risk category, you should isolate. My SISTER and BROTHER-IN-LAW have been isolated since March, because they’re at risk! I pray they can get the vax soon, so that I can see them again.

That said, every single day is a risk. Car accident, flu, addiction, heart disease (which is the #1 killer of Americans!), cancer…etc.

God tells us not to fear.. Joshua 1:9.Our days were numbered from the moment we took our first breath. Life isn’t a race where we win against the inevitable. That has not changed since the beginning of time.

BUT, we should not be forced to live in fear of a virus that is 98.99% survivable.

We went from being a free nation to being told we:

🚫 couldn’t go to school 🚫 couldn’t go to church 🚫 couldn’t go to our grandma’s house 🚫 couldn’t pay respects to a loved one through a funeral 🚫 couldn’t leave our homes

…and WHEN we were allowed to do these things, we were told:

📢 how long we could be there 📢 how far apart we have to be 📢 which direction to walk 📢 what to wear 📢 what we can buy/not buy 📢 where we could shop/not shop 📢 whether we could sing/worship/take communion 📢 what time we had to be home

Yes, our health matters! But we ALL know what else matters. These things matter:

✅ Family. ✅ Friends. ✅ Church. ✅ School.✅ Sports games. ✅ Family vacations. ✅ Neighborhood BBQs. ✅ Life. ✅ Fitness.✅ Hugs.

💔 One day, you’ll hug your grandma, mom, dad, or brother for the last time. 💔 One day, your best friend will cry on your shoulder for the last time. 💔 One day, your child will play their last hockey game. 💔 One day, they’ll have their last day of school. 💔 One day, you’ll spend your last day laughing with a loved one. 💔 One day, you’ll dance your last dance.

We can’t waste our precious days living in fear.

Our time here on earth matters. We need to live our lives while we have the chance. God is gonna call us home when it’s our time. Virus or no virus.

#FaithOverFear / #FreedomMatters / #RiseUp / #WakeUp