President Obama once stirred up controversy by deriding those of us who “cling to our guns and religion.” He’s free to have whatever bias he wants regarding conservatives, which he might see as backwards people. We live in an age where we can be victims in an instant. I think, what better thing to have to protect my family and me than God and a firearm?

The other side can paint me as a “knuckle dragger,” but the funny thing is that many of my “enlightened” Leftist friends have very little diversity in their own lives.

They live in their monochromatic, elitist neighborhoods, drive their six-figure electric cars and announce with grandiose fanfare any morsel of charity they bestow. I don’t mean discount their charity work or donations, because that’s wonderful and needed, but when they stereotype me because I’m a conservative, I have to wonder how “enlightened” are they really??

I have Lefty and Righty friends. My friends run the gamet: African American, Hispanic, Jewish, Asian, Agnostic, Christian, White, LGBTQIA+, Straight, Married, Single, Old, Young…well, it’s a mosaic for which I’m grateful. I’m grateful to know so many people with many different ideas and life experiences.

In fact, I have some die hard Leftist friends who start conversations with me that go something like this,” Oh, Cat, oh, Cat, Cat, Cat…,” and they are shaking their heads. LOL!

I know I drive them crazy, but we still love each other.

Here’s the thing, we FIND COMMON GROUND. And, that’s the important thing. If we spend all our time noticing the differences, we lose sight of our commonalities and ways to love our neighbors as ourselves.

And, that’s my goal for 2020: HEALTH and LOVE.