My “gal pal in escape weekends” is visiting Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Cambodia with her daughter. I read up on it, and I’m disgusted at humanity.

It reminded me that we NEED TO FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM! It’s too easy to be swayed by wanting others to take care of our needs in exchange for our freedoms. When we do that, we give up our power as well. It doesn’t take a powerful, controlling government long to move from enacting laws deemed “necessary” to exacting punishment on those who would disagree. We must study history, we must remember history, and we must vow to live better and strive for better in our society. The Holocaust phrase, “Never Again,” should be etched in our minds.

Photos courtesy of Maria Dezenberg

About Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum: S-21 served as the central hub of a vast prison system throughout the country and was used throughout the period as a secret facility for the detention, interrogation, torture and extermination of those deemed “political enemies” of the regime. Due to a policy of guilt-by-association, at times whole families were detained at the center. Very few inmates were released out of the prison during the years 1975 and 1979. Only 12 former inmates survived the opening of S-21 when Phnom Penh was liberated. Four of them were children.