I think what they don’t realize is that we, the audience/fans, are paying the bill. It’s our dollars driving this sport.

They may take their million-dollar paychecks from individual teams, but where does that money come from? We, the fans. We pay to watch and enjoy a game, we don’t pay to watch people protest, even if we agree with them. It’s about respecting the fans who pay the bills. We keep the lights on and the checks coming in.

I’m very happy they’re taking it seriously on their own time, in their lives outside of the arena, in their social media reach, et. al. That’s wonderful, and that’s what makes this country so great!

However, I liken it to going out to eat. Say I’m in a restaurant paying for a steak, and I want to enjoy a steak with my friends, not be forced to listen to a lecture from the chef before my steak is served. I’m out enjoying a night with my peeps, and we’re having fun. The chef’s political and social commentary is irrelevant to my dinner.

I’m there to eat, not be a captive audience.

There is a time and place for lectures from the chef, but it’s not at my table preceding my meal for which I’m paying.

I’m not going to eat at a restaurant where the chef insists on my attention to his viewpoint along with, and not solely, his culinary skills.