Aretha said it best. And, it’s what we need.

A friend lamented on a social media post how a white guy didn’t die during an intense police altercation, but a black man was killed for expired tags. She said she got pulled over for expired tags, but as a white woman she didn’t think of dying.

My answer: Did you have warrants for your arrest and were you resisting arrest when you were pulled over for expired tags? There are details to every case that the media doesn’t make apparent, but that make the issues of the case more complicated.

I think in our society, the issues we face are far more complex than race. The issues of race exist, I’m not denying that fact, but we live in a fallen world. Tragedies happen. Mistakes happen. People don’t always act like we expect.

I think we need a national conversation about respect. We need to give and receive respect in our actions toward each other. We need to stop blaming, pointing fingers and teach people to love one another. By shifting our hate to the hater, we’re not solving the problem, even if it makes for the “good feels.”

We need to teach the hater to love. We need to come together, but you see, that’s the problem. People want their hate to “go somewhere.” They want to hate the hater, but that doesn’t help anything. We have put down the hate, which many people won’t do. They feel justified and righteous in their hate toward a hater.

UPDATE: A friend commented to me that this post seemed to just end, as it didn’t have a conclusion. I told her that I did that on purpose. There is no conclusion to this topic. This is a hard one, an ongoing issue in our society, and I’m just one voice in the national conversation.

Proverbs 10:12: Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses.