Silver Ink Books provides memoir co-authoring, non-fiction book writing, and reviewing services, as well as post-editing of machine generated translation into accepted American English.

Discounts given for those participating in active, organized Christian ministry and active military. Priority given to religious books.


For a percentage of gross sales, Silver Ink Books will develop material for you that meets our specific criteria.

Your story needs to have TWO factors, at least: a compelling event or collection of experiences and a godly testimony. Please click on the Contact Us form to tell us a brief synopsis of “your story,” and we’ll let you know if we need further information.

If accepted, you’ll need to be available for ongoing interviews with the co-author. Depending on our availability, we will write your story for a percentage of your gross sales. No upfront fees or down payments. You are responsible for marketing, advertising, travel expenses, and other costs related to your book.


Increase your bottom line with your very own business expertise book.

What do you want your clients to know about your industry, product or service?
What do you want them to know about you?
We will give you the recipe to follow from start to finish to create your very own expertise book, which you can use as a sales tool for speaking engagements, as an image enhancer, and as your memorable business calling card.

Let your voice be heard!

Reviewing Services, and Post-Editing of Machine-Generated or Human Translation

We offer general reviewing services of your writing, and post-editing services of various language translations.

We offer reviewing services for any method of writing, whether books, essays, blog posts, or, well, really anything written. We’ll use an ‘independent eye’ to take a fresh look at your writing, offering you concrete advice on how to tweak your work to make it shine.

We also offer post-editing of various language translations into English that need additional editing and writing services for an American English audience to understand.

Want actionable writing and editing advice?

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