Mind Blown. 😱
It’s interesting the people I thought were fair minded, I discovered were quite intolerant. And, some of the people I thought were intolerant, turned out to be extremely fair minded. Which was quite pleasant.

But, it’s the “intolerance” that I find incomprehensible. The “Tolerant Left” is a misnomer.

  • I’ve had someone close to me end our friendship because I’m a Conservative. 😢
  • I’ve been excoriated on Fakebook and other Social Media platforms for thinking that Free Speech means most speech. 😐
  • I’m scared for our country and the wrong direction it’s now going toward Socialism, higher taxes, making white people pay for their “sins,” removing freedom of movement through lockdowns and quarantines, overly bloated government, ignoring or outright supporting child sex trafficking and modern day slavery, et. al. 😰
  • I’m angry at the coordination to oust any sane idea (or opposing idea) and silencing of Conservative and Christian people and groups by Big Tech, Deep State, Media and Social Media. 😡

There is a worldwide effort right now to silence voices that do not agree with Socialism/Communism, Social Justice, One World Government, Liberalism, White Guilt…etc. If a person thinks differently, maybe someone who wants a Free Market, or say, Freedom of Religion, or Freedom of Thought, they are SILENCED.

This has been brought to light by recent events, including Fexit (Facebook Exit), election, COVID lockdowns and protocols, and the completely unfair media and social media reporting of the BLM/Antifa riots (looting and burning of businesses) vs. the Jan. 6th pro-Trump rally and the handful of people who breached The Capitol.

I am HOPEFUL, though.

I’m HOPEFUL that when we ban together to fight for our right to have our own thoughts and ideas about God, Country and Freedom, we will stay in truth. I pray we can continue on, free and unhindered by the PC Thought Police, to share ideas for what we think is best for our country and our world. 🌎