We’re okay today, the first Thanksgiving without our beloved Howard. The kids are gaming and sleeping. I’m making a traditional meal, because I want the smells. We’ll eat on it throughout the day. No sit-down.

I’m thinking about the future, though. A friend had mentioned me to me one time that local colleges look for host families for students who can’t travel home for the short holiday.

It broke my heart when I found out that these kids come to school with presents to give if they should visit a home, and many of them leave at the end of the year not having given away a single present.

I always thought that inviting these kids would be a cool thing to do, but my husband needed holidays to relax and recharge, so we never planned anything for the holidays.

But now?

Maybe next year or in a few years, I’ll open my home and table to one (or more) of these students.