Image courtesy of Virtue Online

I’m in news fatigue and it’s hit me hard.

Wars, violent “demonstrations,” child abuse, sexual abuse, murder, missing persons, protests, slander, holier-than-thou liberals and conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Fascist Socialists, and people so sure that they can solve ______ by banning _____, or by their own will, ingenuity or prowess, it’s enough to make one sick. Everyone is so sure that their idea is the ultimate solution and they, alone, are the ones to fix the issue.

Problem is: they can’t.

We can’t.

Only God can.

We all need more God.

While the Christian religion has been hijacked and is misrepresented and maligned in the world, those who wish its destruction don’t factor in the truth that religion isn’t God; only God is God.

The more we self-centeredly believe that we, on our own, will solve a problem, the farther away that goal becomes. We were born to need God.  It’s in our DNA.  We are wired to rely on God.

And, when we do, when we give it up to Him to solve, and fix, and help, and comfort, He appears in our woes in miraculous ways. He’s not a genie to snap His fingers and make the problem go away. Instead, He guides us along a path we hadn’t considered to live, even in the strife, and welcomes us into a peace we never thought possible.

So, for a better life: turn off the news. Stop listening to the media and the talking heads, politicians and activists, and start listening to God. He will lead you to a wonderful place, even in your storm, that you never realized existed.