Vote Democrat. Vote Republican. But, don’t tell me that one is “godly” or more “loving.”

There’s no perfect politician, no perfect person, only Jesus. Wrapping up energy in fighting against one politician or the other, or one political fight or the other, is the enemy’s doing.

Wrapping up energy fighting invented issues or supposed affronts is the enemy’s doing.

Look at the enemy’s execution. See what he’s doing?!? He’s causing us to hate each other! He’s causing fights among us Christian believers!

The enemy’s bringing down our church leaders, one by one. He’s having leaders eschew God’s teachings for non-confrontational versions of Christianity. When the opposite is true! God has always been confrontational! Jesus wasn’t a hippie, but he loved hippies! Jesus was and is a fighter! The enemy causes church leaders to denounce their faith, to outright question the existence of Jesus.

You know, I expect such chaos and flesh in the world, but I don’t expect it in the church community. We need to fight against it. By the Spirit of God we have POWER to live in God’s Kingdom, not the enemy’s playground.