I’m on Day 6 of 365 of bible.com’s Rick Warren’s Daily Devotional and discovered something that was always plainly in front of me, but I was blind to it. It’s amazing what insights you can learn when you follow a plan and take notes.

From Rick Warren: You can either drift through life or you can be directed through life by taking the time to think through where God wants you to be. Is your future worth the effort? Yes, absolutely!

Ask yourself two questions:

1) How do I intend to get there once I know what my goal is?

2) How long will it take?

My Response: Determining a goal with a timeline is going to be an ongoing issue. One book. Then another, and another. I’m almost done with Christi’s memoirs, then I’ll work on Bear’s memoirs, then get back to Schmidty’s…then what? That’s enough for now. That’s a lot. That’s years of work.

To achieve these goals, I have to devote myself to prioritizing my tasks and planning out my days. I also have to schedule down time, because I can’t plan to rest “when everything is done” bc that will be impossible. There isn’t going to be a time when everything is done. We all die with an active to-do list.

I know this firsthand. I found my late husband’s to-do list after he’d passed. A to-do list that will now never be done.

So, that’s one of the things I have to reconcile: my to-do list will never be done. And, that’s a new concept for me, even as I live it out…Every. Single. Day. I mean, I always have an active to-do list. Always! How has it never dawned on me that it won’t ever be done? How have I not noticed this before? There’s always something to do.

And, that’s a good thing, I see, that there’s always something to do. We need to be busy. God created us for work. We are not called to be idle creatures, but workers and help mates and servants and shepherds… We are designed for work. But, there is also food and rest and play. It’s all about balance.

When I think of work, I need to make sure that my busy is honorable busy, not busywork. Busyness for the sake of being busy is akin to idleness. There must be purpose in our work, and God’s purpose should be our goal. Now, you can say, well, I’m a cashier and I need to work to put food on the table, so yes, that’s important.

But, God would say to you, “Child, I have put you in front of many of my children everyday. You have the ability to spread love and my Word to each of your customers. You have the ability to show grace when others don’t act so well. You have the ability to comfort when someone is having a bad day. You have the ability to give a smile to someone who only sees frowns. You have the ability to speak to someone who hasn’t spoken to another human in days. You have the ability to impact every, single person that comes to your register. You can see this as a job to pay the bills, or you can see it for what it is: this is mission work.”

So, whatever we do, small jobs or big jobs or boring jobs, we can choose to see it as a way to make a living or a way to show God.