The grass isn’t always greener.

Sometimes we look at other professions and we think, “they have it so easy.” Or, we look at someone’s Disney pics on social media, and we say, “weren’t they just on vacation?”

The truth is that every lifestyle and work-style choice brings with it an equal amount of pros and cons. You might be executive making an enormous amount of money, but you have very little free time. You might be a musician making a very small amount of money, but you have great flexibility in your schedule.

Recently, a friend posted that teachers deserve more respect for hours worked because they work outside of the classroom, and their brains keep working even when they’re not actively working.

True, but everyone works outside of work hours, in nearly every job.

Most jobs actually require work outside of ‘work hours.’ We might be slammed with a project deadline, or it’s our busy time of year, or we’re traveling for work, or we’re problem solving work issues as we mow the lawn, etc.

As for time off…well, that’s another issue, too. We choose our jobs knowing what type of vacations we’ll get.

In North Carolina, public school teachers are contracted to work 215 days across 10 months. They get about 5 days a year to use for personal leave. A corporate worker works 260 days per year with 10 to 20 days to use for personal leave, depending on how long they’ve been with the company, plus 6-8 holidays, unless you work in government, and then it’s around 12, or if the town council has recently added Juneteenth, as mine has, then it’s 13 paid holidays…13.

The difference from corporate to teacher is many days. And, it’s probably that difference that makes people stop and pause.

Personally, I think if people are jealous of teacher’s schedules, they should become a teacher. We could use more diverse teachers in the classroom, and people coming from business and corporate have so much to give.

If you’ve been thinking about being a teacher or professor or helping in the classroom, please do. You are needed…especially, men. There are so many young men and boys without fathers in their homes, and they need strong, male role models to learn from, not just academically, but in how to conduct themselves, and how to grow into men.

Teachers are necessary and needed, and you could be the difference in a child’s life.

Go on, give it a shot.