So, a friend came up with a good theory for Megixt…

LAURA: Meghan Markle just met with a feminist climate change group. She and Harry wanted to leave their royal duties in part to start a progressive charity. Will be interesting to see how they use their money and influence to support the radical left agenda.

CAT: That’s why they have to step down as senior Royals. Royals must remain politically neutral and these two are far from that.

LAURA: I guess one sad thing is, their son won’t be able to be raised in the royal tradition. Some people are making it about their “jobs” but it’s more than a job, it’s a tradition. I mean, I don’t really care, but it just shows the trend of liberals bucking anything traditional.

CAT:  I think you’re right. They’re trying to get rid of the stable traditions in our society that aren’t politically and socially ‘acceptable.’ Anything, even a non-partisan monarchy, is seen as a threat to global socialism and activism. This is scary for a number of reasons, but they are crumbling the very institutions that have stabilizing effects on our society.

So I thought about those ideas for a moment, and realized, OMG, this is a trend. Anything that doesn’t stand for the progressive moment is a target.

You notice how “traditions” are being eradicated in our society? It’s not happenstance, it’s a global effort. Now, I could say it’s an “organized” global effort, but only in the sense that the theme of dismantling traditions is intimated in such an idea.

The Boy Scouts come to mind.

My father and BIL were Eagle Scouts. That used to be a proud thing. Today, it’s not. If you’re a liberal, you won’t admit to being a Boy Scout because it’s a homophobic, white, Christian, conservative, and bigoted organization. It’s also very pro-American, which is a bad thing according to liberals. Nationalism and pride in one’s country are not allowed.

So, naturally, the Royals, with their “traditions” and “hierarchy” are a target. I wonder what will be left of them by the time William becomes King?

But back to Meghan and Harry.

Out of the conversation with my friend Laura, came the realization that despite these two people saying they want to step away from the limelight, it’s entirely the opposite. They have no desire to step away from the limelight. They want more limelight, but they don’t want to be constrained by Royal rules, they want to promote their own agendas.

Their splitting from the Royals, if it weren’t so sad, is actually funny. They think they’re being so clandestine by crying that it’s about the “unfair” press or the “racist” comments. Nothing could be further from the truth. First of all, it’s not really racism, and, if anything, it’s an anti-American sentiment.

Secondly, the press hasn’t been any more unkind to Meghan than they were to Kate when she first joined the ranks; as a (gasp!) “commoner.”

So, yeah, those aren’t the real reasons.

The real reason is that Meghan is a far-left Hollywood elite and she misses her starring role status as the #1 in the room. She also misses her liberal haranguing. Even as a “senior Royal,” she had to take backseat to those above her, including her husband. Royals have an accepted hierarchy and everyone knows their place. As an American, and a feminist to boot, this would not be a role she’d ever be comfortable playing. How she didn’t see that when she married into ‘The Firm,’ is beyond me. (Unless she understood it, and Megixt was the plan all along…?)

He’s still the Queen’s grandson, and for that, they won’t suffer as much as if he were, say, a lower royal. So, they’ll get to keep some of their cake whilst eating it, too. But, make no mistake, this is a carefully engineered step on their part. They want the freedom to say what they want. They want the freedom to support a global, radical agenda without palace interference.

Meghan wants to be the one in the spotlight in the room. She doesn’t want her husband or other royals ranking above her to get the attention. She’s an actress who craves “eyes on her.”

I’m not saying that’s a bad want, because actors want to be “the star” not the understudy–reference the movie, All About Eve.

I wish them well, but I wish they’d be intellectually honest about their goals.