I recently saw a reposting of an article from Reformation Charlotte which basically excoriated Ms. Daigle for preaching a false gospel. The gist of it is this: she shared God’s love for prisoners while visiting a prison without also teaching that we must repent and accept Jesus as our Savior. (Ref. John 3:16 and Acts 3:19, et. al.)

Yes, repentance and acceptance of Christ as our Savior is necessary. But let’s not forget that coming to Christ is a process not a moment. Many of these prisoners are there for life. I say, let’s look at the good she is doing by setting them on the path to learning more.

I’m tired of everyone getting offended by every single thing and nitpicking excerpts of speeches. We need more love in the world and more of us bringing people into a relationship with Jesus. It doesn’t mean they’ll be 100% on doctrine the first day. I don’t think there’s anyone on the planet that is, ever!

We are fortunate to have a living relationship with our Christ which means we start out crawling, and then toddling, before we finally can walk with our Savior on a journey where we actively grow in our faith.

And also IMHO, I believe we cannot forget that she’s actually in the prison trying to bring people to Christ while we’re all sitting somewhere (in our living rooms, at work, or in carpool) judging her instead of helping her.