A friend mentioned how “political” I am. Well, yeah, I have some strong views. She asked me why I was always posting political stuff on fb. I was like, WHAAT?!!? I didn’t think I did.

Because I like facts rather than perceptions, I analyzed my posts from the current date (today is July 18 2019) to the start of the month.

There were 101 posts.

That’s pretty much floored me.

101 posts in less than 18 days. That’s a sickness.

However, that would need to be addressed at another time. Right then, I had to find out how many political posts I actually made.

So, I tabulated each post into one of two columns: Neutral or Political. Counting them, 78 posts were neutral, meaning they were funny memes, non-political articles, and Bible verses. The other 23 posts were political in nature, whether revolving around local or national issues or figures.

That means that 77% of my posts were pretty much blather, and 23% of my posts were issue-related, with me taking a stance.

That seems low to me, considering that those numbers would have swapped a decade ago. I think I’ve made some great progress!

But, I still need to stay off of Facebook. What a waste of time!!! 78 posts of blather? Why??

Well, here’s to a fresh start!