UPDATE: We worked it out. We’re friends again. Life is short. Forgive and love!!!

I’m back on social media because of my business. And, because it’s my business, I’m careful with my posts and comments. I keep it neutral, or, if I have an opinion, it’s one that I would say out loud to anyone, anywhere. Like I prefer red wine over white and I like big salads for lunch. I post a lot of Bible verses to offer support and encouragement to my friends and anyone else reading my public posts. I also post tons of funny memes. I love a funny meme, and if it includes Samuel L. Jackson or Chuck Norris, all the better!

Sadly, I had to ‘unfriend’ a high school acquaintance. The acquaintance constantly commented on my posts to let me know where she disagreed with me. It was a ton of micromanaging for me, because she was very vocal about her beliefs…on MY posts.

My posts, my business.

For instance, I posted a funny Covid shot meme (see above), and she lambasted me for making light of the seriousness of getting your vax. She felt my post would keep people from getting vaccinated. Um…It. Was. A. Joke. Do I have that much power that if I post a funny meme, it will keep people from getting the vax? I seriously doubt I have that much pull. I can’t even get my kids to take out the trash and recycling.

There are other instances, where she inappropriately referenced Trump (like I need that minefield!). I have friends that span the political spectrum, and I knew it would digress into a spatting match between the factions. I prefer to promote peace and togetherness, and if someone’s going to stir the pot, they have to be silenced because IT’S MY POST.

My posts, my rules.

The interesting thing of it is that I never commented on her posts. Not ever. She posted things with which I completely disagree. And, you know what I did when I saw them? I kept scrolling. I just sailed on by. I didn’t feel the need to cause waves or have my viewpoint “heard.” I just kept going, and went on with my life.

What about social media has turned us into creatures who need to be “heard?” People who need to have their viewpoint taken into consideration? Is it an attempt to sway others to their perspective? Or, do they feel so powerless that they need to have their voice acknowledged? And, why do so many people get angry about dissenting viewpoints?

I don’t know the answers. I have more questions than answers. And, there probably isn’t one right answer anyway. It could be dependent upon the person.

But, here’s a challenge: next time you see something with which you disagree, ignore it. Don’t offer your opinion or perspective. Walk on by.

Let me know in the comments what you think is going on. Let me know if you can ignore dissent, or if you have trouble with it. And, have you also culled your ‘friend’ list because of a post-bomber?