I used to be a whiz at Google search. Seriously, my friends would beg me to find things. I knew the correct words to use in a search, how to bypass the ads and spam and get to the meat, which I would happily serve to them on a silver platter. Now, this is years ago, mind you. Algorithms didn’t change by the hour, and there was a bevy of good content available.

Today is completely different story.

Thanks to Big Tech and the Mainstream Media (MSM), we are in, I’d say about a decade, or maybe a few years less, of a massive mind control project. Now, wait! Hear me out. Don’t dismiss me as a tinfoil hat loony. Yes, I have my fair share of conspiracy theories, but I do believe we landed on the moon and there was only one shooter (pick the scenario, JFK or Las Vegas, it doesn’t matter). I consider myself ‘cautiously skeptical.’

Big Tech and the MSM have conditioned us to accept their spoon feedings. They tailor headlines to convey ideas, maybe not even covered in the story (have you looked?), because they know humans are lazy creatures. We’ll read the headline and feel good about our grasp of the news. We’ll laugh at the meme and think we understand the political skirmish. We can’t stay focused for more than 3 seconds, so it doesn’t matter how badly the article is written or edited, because nine out of ten people won’t get past the spotlight hogging bold type.

I recently researched the very divisive issue of abortion as it relates to the Christian faith and Biblical teachings, and I was gobsmacked by the amount of articles and blogs that came up on my search proposing that Christians can and should adopt a ‘pro-choice’ stance.

I must tell you that I’m decidedly pro-life and I believe that abortion is murder. It’s an abomination. All women who have had abortions, and men who have helped women who have had abortions, are loved by God and can be forgiven. All sin can be forgiven. That’s grace. That’s Jesus’ work on the cross. (We’re ALL sinners, after all.)

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God… ~Ephesians 2:8

The Wikipedia box that pops up with any Google search grabbed my attention: There is no explicit statement about abortion in either the Old Testament or the New Testament books of the Christian Bible; however, certain passages in the Bible have been interpreted by anti-abortion Christians to mean that abortion isn’t morally acceptable.

Picking it apart, quickly, this is an obvious attempt to make abortion seem like a neutral topic and as if God doesn’t care about it. In stating that abortion appears neither in the OT nor the NT, it makes it seem like our modern world can’t be addressed by Scripture because the Bible is antiquated. Then, by using the term “anti-abortion” instead of “pro-life,” it paints a negative connotation of pro-life Christians.

But, that’s Wiki, and it’s stupid, anyway, because it’s a public platform that’s only monitored when people write from a conservative position. Moving on.

That Wiki box popped up, as it usually does, and I don’t mind it, but I’m ‘cautiously skeptical’ of the content. Scanning through the search, roughly half the links were to pro-life pieces and half were to pro-choice ones. I guess I was just stunned by the amount of Christian pro-choice links.

Here’s an excerpt from a pdf from an abortion clinic:

What does the Bible say about abortion? NOTHING.
What did Jesus say about abortion? NOTHING.
Doesn’t the Bible say that if you have an abortion, you’ll go to hell? NO

Those are strawman questions, ones set up so they can easily be defeated. This is manipulation, not reality.

Many articles from the pro-choice viewpoint ‘cherry pick’ Scripture to “prove” that God sanctions abortion. Some of them are so laughably researched that any Christian who reads the Bible can understand the underlying context of the passages and will come to a completely different conclusion than the author. Others take the position that since the word ‘abortion’ is not mentioned specifically in the Bible, then it’s up to us to decide. Another argument that any Christian who studies Scripture can disavow.

But, I stray. Getting back to the point that Big Tech and the MSM are manipulating our minds.

I searched again using the same question, only selected “news.” Oh, boy.

The first article was a VICE article lambasting “YouTube’s Fundamentalist Influencers.” The second was a SF Chronicle piece entitled “Trump evangelicals must repent after turning a blind eye to evil of past 4 years.” Arr?

Yes, there were some really good pieces, too, explaining a Christian stance on love, forgiveness, and the right to life.

But, the offerings were overwhelmingly pro-choice and painted Christians as stern Puritans wanting to burn witches at the stake, or something like that.

Next time, I’ll get into MSM news coverage and how tone and vocabulary are used to steer agendas.