This quote from Sarah Young (Jesus Calling; Jesus Lives, et. al.) is why political anger is wrong. Not because our viewpoints are wrong (they are simply different), but because they harden our hearts and hurt our relationship with God. If a party tells us to demonize people who think differently, then it’s time to step away from political investments. We need to walk in the light.

“To live at peace with everyone, you need to control not only what you say and do but also what you think. It’s common to assume that your thoughts about others don’t matter much, as long as you keep them to yourself. However, I am fully aware of all your thoughts. When you indulge in negative thinking about someone, your relationship with that person is damaged. Those hurtful thoughts also affect your relationship with Me, and they may have a depressive effect on you. The remedy lies in turning to Me and seeking My forgiveness. Then, ask My Spirit to control your mind and help you think My thoughts. This is the way of Life and Peace.” ~Jesus Lives by Sarah Young, p. 146