When the WakeMed ICU physician told me and my kids that my husband and their father was going to die, she gave us a lecture on vaccines. Not, “I’m sorry,” or “Are you okay?” But, a lecture.

A modicum of caring at that devastating moment would have been kind. I know she was exhausted, but this was the moment our entire world ended, and instead of offering any concern or care, she choose to wag her finger.

It was absolutely sickening.

My daughter was screaming crying, my son was quietly sobbing and I was in shock and shaking. It was a time to treat us with a bit of kindness, not cold indifference. I hope she gets some rest and doesn’t do further harm to other families.

I did offer my impressions of the interaction to WakeMed, so maybe they can put some protocols in place that when you tell a family that their loved one is dying, that they have someone do it that has some compassion.