NEWS HEADLINE: Finland To End Universal Basic Income Pilot Program

Of course this doesn’t work. It’s human nature to take the path of least resistance.

Just look at teenagers and kids and they’ll show you human nature at work. Parents provide for their necessities, as they should, but when it comes to work and chores, there is much prodding that must be done. When a human’s needs are provided for without conditions, there’s no impetus to pursue toil and labor. The detriment is that the benefits of toil and labor that go beyond monetary gains, namely the self-confidence and esteem garnered through self-provision, are lost. We teach our children to work hard for their goals whether studies, employment, athletics, arts, clubs and organizations, or other pursuits, because we know that by working toward goals and meeting them, it enriches their lives.

Likewise, a life spent in laxity and inactivity leads to depression, hopelessness and self-doubt. Esteem cannot be given, it can only be earned.

I always look to Spongebob as my example: cheerfully work at something you love. He was born to be a fry-cook, and so he is the best fry-cook under the sea. He’s not Mr. Krabs, he’s not wealthy, he’s not Sandy, he’s not particularly intelligent, he’s not Squidward, he does not seek luxury, he is Spongebob, happy with himself and his life.

Maybe if we stopped thinking that money solves all problems, and we looked to what truly solves all problems, God and purpose in our lives, we wouldn’t be quick to think handing out money will take care of the deeper issues. Yes, give to the poor, give to those in need, that is vital, but realize that many needs transcend money.

I once lived on a $5 for a week to feed a roommate, a dog, a cat and me. Chicken livers and onions lasted the whole week, PTL. But, I was happily pursuing a degree in dental hygiene, I was living in beautiful New Hampshire overlooking a creek and woods, I was working in retail helping people, I had time to run in the field with my puppy, it was a great time. I could have asked my dad for more money and he would have given it, but I wanted the independence. I wanted to do it as much on my own as I could because I know the difference between earning something on your own, and having it given to you.

You cherish what your sweat has delivered.