International Hijab Day is coming up. It’s promoted on social media with hashtags such as: #FreeInHijab and #WorldHijabDay.

I have nothing against a woman who wants to wear a hijab because it’s required by her religion. We have a mosque here in my hometown, and I interact daily with hijab-wearing women who work at my local stores. But, don’t tell me I have to wear a hijab or I’m not “showing solidarity.” I shouldn’t have to “show solidarity.”

You see, I’m polite and courteous to my fellow man. But, don’t tell me to wear something that promotes a religion far, far from my own religion. The goal here is not to “show solidarity” but, ultimately, to get us to convert to Islam.

And, this is how it starts.

Make it “normal” and “acceptable.” Then, get others used to the idea. Have them try it. Make certain “hijab only” zones. Get women used to wearing it. Make more and more areas “hijab only.” It may take a decade or a few decades, but eventually, eventually it’s required in all public places.

And, that’s how these things work. Not with a mighty proclamation, but by slowing bringing the water to boil. The frog in the water doesn’t sense the need to jump out because the water ever so slowly becomes warmer and warmer until it’s killed the frog.

That’s why fighting for our freedoms and rights are so important against government tyranny and against the New World Order. I live in America. Men and women have died to protect my right to practice my religion in peace and without forcing religious rules on me.

I’m not going to be wearing a hijab, ever. But, I’ll be polite and kind to the woman who is wearing one.